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Where to Practice Your Yoga and Why: A Simple Technique

by Ryan Huxley
Ryan Huxley
Ryan is a university qualified Physiotherapist (Physical Therapist) and Strengt
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In the Surf media’s pursuit for new, inspiring, digestible content India has become the flavour of the month. Yes it ticks the exotic box, representing a photographer or painters dream, evident through the Monet style impressionism experienced with every setting sun. Yes the food is striking, served on banana leaf, and possibly blessed in the name of the cook’s cherished deity before serving.

Yes on average the people are inquisitive, friendly, humble and delighted to meet you. And yes the surf can go completely flat here for weeks at a time. This final yes is the fine print that is quite often hidden behind the glamorous veil of a photo shopped, misleading surf image.

For me and the Soul & Surf guests, this morning marked the end of a 2-week wave hiatus, and the beginning of a 2-3 foot, 14 second southerly swell. According to Magic Seaweed these oceanic lumps had endured a gruelling, 7000km plus travel route from the base of Western Australia, across the Indian Ocean, suffering a mild energetic block at Sri Lanka and Kovalam, before delivering unanimous smiles at their arrival port, Edeva.

The manifestation of this long distance energy was a steep behind the rock take-off into a aqua if not azure almond shade cover, a speed section ensued as the wave horse shoed around the bank, which lead to an open wall extension allowing the surfer 2 open face carves with an end section snap thrown in for good measure. You could then savour your recent surfing achievement via a trot past a small band of curious net weaving fisherman, comfortably intersect 2 jagged rocks, and deposit yourself back into the uncrowded line-up with 6-8 strokes.

This morning delight brings me to today’s tip for your home practice. If you are anything like me, when the surf is like it was in Edeva today, the chances of immersing yourself in a gentle, warming, progressive yoga and pilates practice on the beach prior to hitting the line-up is slotted between very slim and highly unlikely. On the other hand if your like me, love to perform your daily practice on the beach, amongst the resonance of sea meeting land, this can present a small speed bump to a consistent practice.

For me the answer is simple. When Magic Seaweed tells me the seas are less than desirable for sliding, my practice migrates to the beach with minimal distraction. If a desirable pulse is imminent, I will calmly go about my practice in the comfortable realms of home. This simple formula brings diversity to your surf yoga surroundings, offsetting the risk of things becoming stale.

I look forward to seeing you on the mat or in the water!

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